five succulent plants

Benefits of Succulents (Medicinal, Cosmetic, Culinary, and more)

There’s no denying that succulents are beautiful. Whether it is a string of pearls trailing from the hanging pot or an Echeveria smiling at you from the windowsill —- the point is, they are strangely beautiful. As the saying goes in human-world, “beauty with brains”, there is something similar in the succulent-world as well. They …

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cat around safe succulents

Toxic and Safe Succulents For Cats, Dogs, and other Pets

Can your furry friends and succulents live happily under the same roof? There are two concerns you’ve probably considered. First, what if your pet eats, or soils, or otherwise destroys your new succulent? Second, is it possible your succulent, if eaten by your pet, would cause them some harm? Well, some succulents are completely harmless …

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getting rid of bugs and pests in succulents is easy

Common Succulents Bugs and Pests: Treatment and Control

Do succulent attract bugs? Definitely! Anyone who has succulents knows they are bound to attract pests and bugs at one point or another. Despite maintaining optimal conditions for their growth such as proper sunlight, drainage, and even fertilizer, your succulents can still get infested. While some bugs are good for your plants, others are invasive …

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how often should you water succulents?

How To Water Succulents

It’s not hard to see why succulents are a popular houseplant. They are beautiful, unique, versatile, and low maintenance. However, while succulents require less care than a typical plant, they are not indestructible. The trickiest part is often watering succulents. Overwatering can lead to root rot, while underwatering can lead to stunted growth and an early death. This quick guide will help you identify common watering mistakes …

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stretched succulents

How To Fix Stretched (Etiolated) Succulents

Is your succulent starting to stretch out? Is it a problem or the succulent is just doing one of those succulent things? Should you do something about your beloved plant growing tall, thin and leggy? Well, this is a phenomenon called etiolation. In layman terms, it means your succulent is not getting sufficient sunlight and you should do something …

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trimming and pruning succulents

Pruning and Trimming Succulents

Generally, succulents are easy to maintain — give them sunlight and occasional watering and they’re good to go. Plus, they are pleasing to the eye and come in lots of shapes, textures, and colors, making them a fun, easy-to-care-for household plant. But this doesn’t mean you don’t need to trim or prune your succulents from …

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